Acoustic & ElectronicsHybrid Drums

Imagine your perfect drum sound. And then play it.

Acoustic Drums + Roland electronics.
Your sound, no limits.

Hybrid drums: take the raw power of acoustic drums,
add the potential of electronics and start playing a drum kit that
gives you the best of both worlds.


Pads can be positioned within your drum kit to play electronic sounds/audio. From mesh-head second snares to bar-triggers, adding pads offers flexibility for your setup and your sound.


Acoustic drum triggers attach to the hoop of an acoustic drum and send signals to your sound module every time you hit the drum. This gives you the acoustic and electronic sound simultaneously.


This is at the heart of a hybrid kit, integrating electronic sounds/audio files into your drum kit. Connecting your drum trigger/pad sends signals to this module which then triggers your chosen sounds.

Your sounds

You can add extra electronic sounds, such as tambourine, hand claps or even your own sounds, which play along with your acoustic drum sound.

Your sounds

You can enhance your sound by triggering an electronic sound and mixing it with your acoustic sounds for greater dynamic range, increased clarity and performance. Even the fastest double-bass drum rolls sound clear and pronounced.

Your kit

Expand the sounds available within your kit. Play instruments that you can’t take to the gig (such as gongs) or that you don't have in your original drum kit (such as second snares or sub-drops).

Easy To Use

It’s easy to create and set up a hybrid drum kit, even if you have never used one previously. With Roland Hybrid, you don’t have to change the look of your kit or adjust your setup. The TM-2 sound module with acoustic triggers and pads can be positioned easily on your kit and are simple to set up and use.


Roland Hybrid brings a new level of professional performance to your drumming. Whether it’s just one sound effect you need, an entire backing track, or switching musical styles during the set, Roland Hybrid allows you to adapt your sound, track by track. The audience will be impressed.